Real Life Movement.

Intuitively based living. Inspired by Ayurveda. Lifestyle consulting.

With the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda* as a foundation and incorporation of modern day knowledge of the mind, body and spirit, this is a full and true journey to self. Fully based on accessing and strengthening your intuition. You are your own greatest guide, tap in.


Ancient wisdom. Modern living.

Through the access of knowing your mind-body type, dosha**, build and sustain a life you love.

Incorporating: movement, meditation, nutrition***, emotional freedom tools and accessing your own inner pharmacy, cultivate the daily routine that works for you.

This is not one size fits all, its your fit for you, your life & your goals.

Book your free 20 min zoom consultation: PrivatesAnkhBody@gmail.com

In your consultation we will hone in on your goals and the areas of life that you want to balance & strengthen. A recommendation will then be made for an individualized program for you.

What to expect out of your sessions:

45 – 60 mins

Sessions conducted over zoom

Learn Ayurvedic & modern day teachings for the mind, body & spirit. Determine what practices you need and how to simply bring these tools into your life to achieve your goals.

Cultivate a healthy & well-balance life style.

Create your own daily routine & how to implement it to work for your schedule

Incorporating your combination of physical movement, meditation, emotional release, and other Ayurvedic methods.

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1 session recommendation:

1 (20 min) follow-up call

Email support for 1 month

Price: $125

3 session recommendation:

2 (20 min) follow up calls

Email support for 2 month

Price: $365

5 session recommendation:

3 (20 min) follow up calls

Email support for 3 months

Price: $550


* Ayurveda is a 5000 year old consciousness-based system of healing that originated in India. This wisdom is still very much prevalent today. Coming from the two words “Ayus” = Life & “Veda” = Science. Our material world is comprised of five elements: space, air, fire, water, & earth. A wholistic approach that harnesses mind, body, spirit, & overall wellness. It is an experiential practice meaning our choices cultivate our outcome.

** Doshas are the combination of the elements that manifest in our body and our material world, corresponding to seasons, and certain times of the day. There are three Dosha types: Vata (combination of air & space), Pitta (combination of fire & water), & Kapha (combination of earth & water). We all have a combination of all three doshas but each of us has our own unique balance.

*** Ayurvedic nutrition is based on the 6 tastes and balancing your mind-body type (dosha). The six tastes are: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent, & pungent. In Ayurveda we say eat the rainbow, incorporating a colorful plate of fresh energy filled foods.

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Ankh Body strongly recommends that you consult a physician or alternative therapist before beginning any exercise, wellness or meditation program.

By signing up, purchasing and partaking in RLM, Ayurvedic lifestyle consulting, you understand that this program and all related programs are not the substitute for professional and medical help. You acknowledge that Ankh Body / Salma Allam is not a Doctor, and does not diagnose or treat any diseases, physical or mental ailments.

Discover the balance you were always meant to have