Where you come to begin. Each type of physical activity requires a different set of skills. It’s always important to develop your vocabulary verbally as well as physically with every modality. This is also a great place to come to reset and check in with your form. Set yourself up for success, and give yourself a true place to build towards.


Here you feel comfortable with the general verbal and physical vocabulary. You are getting familiar with any modifications you need. You will be challenged, but can always scale up or down. Important to keep yourself safe.


You are getting stronger, you’ve deepened your workout and practice and are ready to see where else you can go. At this level you should be comfortable with your modifications and taking them whenever you need. Get ready to push farther, go deeper, and expand to your fullest capacity. Remember sometimes advancing and going deeper means tuning into your body and taking the breaks you need or alternatives necessary for your body. Nothing is one size fits all, find your fit.

All levels:

Classes designed to be tailored to wherever you are, modifications to take it back and step it up will be given.

What would it feel like to truly honor where you are at on any given day?