Concentration. Control. Center. Precision. Breath. Flow. These are the six principles of Pilates as created by Joseph Pilates that enables every individual to connect to their body and movement efficiently. With a focus on moving the spine in all its directions and strength through the primary and secondary powerhouses, you gain access to your full facility and the ability to enhance and or sustain its strength and mobility. Different schools may focus on different orders and teaching styles but the foundation of Pilates runs the same. Be strong and live life enjoying the body you inhabit as you inhabit it fully. Your key is in the way you move. Power to you.


Union. A way back to yourself. There are many layers of Yoga, and you can choose which layer you would like to work at or on. Aligning the physical body gives access to aligning our internal realm. Working through asana (poses) sometimes held and other times fluidly moving through you create freedom, and space for breath to flow and the body to find ease in strength. A gateway is created to align further if you wish, the ability to go into sense withdrawal (Pratyahara). Your Yoga practice guides you to find the ability to sit for your meditations with comfort. Wherever you are, Yoga gives the ability to gain physical, mental, and emotional strength and unite these to create the ultimate union: individual and universal spirit. You hold your own key to your happiness, fulfillment and harmony, just as true you need the tools to keep that key to continuously unlock the door to your true self. Namaste.


There are so many ways to meditate. It is important especially at this time of busy living to take a moment and just sit and be. Here there will be an offering of meditations of different lengths to suit your needs and goals from simple breathing, mindfulness, to kriya (purification) techniques to help establish a connection to universal wisdom. You pick when, you pick how long, you pick your key. Unlock your barriers, quiet your mind, and choose to make stillness a priority. Live inspired. Shanti Shanti Shanthi (Peace with your self, Peace with others, and Peace with the universal forces).

Agile & Aligned

Classes labeled as Agile & Aligned are here so you always have the ability to slip your Pilates, Yoga, Meditation and Ankh Body Signatures into your day. Life happens, you can’t stop it, but you can keep yourself in the best mental and physical shape to feel your best and live to your fullest. These classes offer you the opportunity, no matter how packed your day can get, to approach each moment from a place of strength, strong vulnerability, clarity, and peace of mind. Time is time, use the time you have to best serve you. Options for classes 5 mins – 20 mins. Your key is your time.

Ankh Body Signature

The best of Yoga and Pilates uniquely blended together with fluid dance like movements and transitions trickling in. A full body workout and centering. Some classes will include meditations to bring the full Ankh Body experience to you in one go. Align from the inside out and outside in. Use your key to unlock your door, from whatever side you are standing on.

Your intention will set your path. Join the movement that is key to unlocking your gift.