Frequently Asked…
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Your membership includes access to all online video classes, with new videos added every week! Discounted rates on live events and private sessions.

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime. In order to not be charged for the following month please give 30 days notice.

$12.99/month CAD or USD. *taxes included.

No. If  you are seeing a therapist, please remain under their care and guidelines. Consult with your therapist before engaging in any meditation.

Unfortunately. at this time we cannot accommodate any in person/ in your home private session not in the Yaletown area. If you live close by and want to check feel free to email :

Online private sessions are $90 USD. Members price $80 USD. Packages available.  

*taxes included

Yes! Ankh Body highly recommends consulting your physician or alternative therapist before part taking in any workouts including: Pilates, Yoga, Signatures, and Meditation.

Yes, everyone must sigh a liability waiver before partaking in any Ankh Body classes, privates or programs.

There is a risk of injury with any movement and or expertise program. Be mindful, listen to your body. If you already have injuries follow protocol from your doctors, physical therapist, or any professional you are working with. If any aches and pain come up, please consult your physician immediately.You and your safety always come first.

A: Please check with your doctor/PT/alternate therapist first. Once they give you the go ahead, follow any restrictions or modifications they have given you. You and your safety always come first.

Although the meditation practices used on Ankh Body are generally safe, we highly recommend consulting your physician and or alternative therapist before partaking. If you have any pre existing conditions this is especially important. You and your safety always come first.

Remember to be safe and honor where you are. It’s about the journey not the result Enjoy the ride.

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