Yoga. Pilates. Meditation. MELT Method. Healing. Turn your Grief into your Gift.

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A specialized 60 min private of your choosing or any combination. One of Salma’s specialties is designing a session that caters to your needs. Whether you are looking for the space to create more peace in a hectic life, more stability and strength in your body, or just get into a routine where you are prioritizing self-care. Open the doors to your next level. You are amazing, you deserve the life you want and the body you want to live in it with. Harmonize your life, with your key.

Yoga: Achieve internal and external alignment to optimize your daily living. Find a practice that fits your body.

Pilates: Full body strength, control, and flexibility. Maximize your body’s capacity to live the life you want and hit the goals you’ve set.

Meditation: Create time in a busy life with the accessible gift of space. Access your truest self, stilling the mind and allowing yourself to tune in. Take a seat to thrive.

MELT Method: Optimize the vehicle of your body with this fascia hydrating, full body restoring method. Recover from injuries, and go a step further by preventing them.

Healing: Replenish. Rejuvenate. Reset. Allow yourself to come back into balance with chakra healing in conjunction with white and gold light.

Love your body & still your mind all in one place.

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Ankh Body strongly recommends that you consult a physician or alternative therapist before beginning any exercise, wellness or meditation program.

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