Agile & Aligned

Classes labeled as Agile & Aligned are here so you always have the ability to slip your Pilates, Yoga, Meditation and Ankh Body Signatures into your day. Life happens, we can’t  stop it, but we can keep ourselves in the best mental and physical shape to feel our best and live to our fullest. These classes offer you the opportunity, no matter how packed your day can get, to approach each moment from a place of strength, strong vulnerability, clarity, and peace of mind. Time is time, use the time you have to best serve you. Options for classes 5 mins – 20 mins. Your key is your time.

Yoga For Energy

  • Class: Yoga
  • Level: All levels
  • Length: 18mins

Description: In this FREE all levels Yoga class we will use our practice to energize ourselves. Building heat in those moments when we are feeling lethargic by utilizing twists, extensions and more. Let’s get our pick me up by firing it up!

What you need: Yoga mat, blocks.
*props are optional but highly recommended to support your practice.

**Ankh Body strongly recommends that you consult a physician or alternative therapist before beginning any exercise, wellness or mediation program.

Yoga For Energy

  • Class: Yoga
  • Level: All levels
  • Length: 18mins

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The App super quick series is here! Abs, Planks & Push ups.
We get as much in as we can, while still keeping the pace steady.
Let’s get a quickie ab and glute workout in!
let’s move our bodies flowing and working out any kinks when we don’t have a whole lot of time.
Energize ourselves with a focus on our third (Manipura) chakra.
We will start with an energizing breath (pranayama) technique called Surya Bhedana.
This meditation brings our awareness to our heart chakra.
Here we practice a simple meditation where we just notice our breath.
In this class we go straight into observing our breath, and that’s all here.
Work through the body with some planks, Surya A, Warrior I and II.
Move through a couple sun breaths, some planks, ab series, a little extension.
Designed to get you to move your body no matter your time constraints.

Your intention will set your path. Join the movement that is key to unlocking your gift.