Ankh Body Signature

The best of Yoga and Pilates uniquely blended together with fluid dance like movements and transitions trickling in. A full body workout and centering. Some classes will include meditations to bring the full Ankh Body experience to you in one go. Align from the inside out and outside in. Use your key to unlock your door, from whatever side you are standing on.


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Balancing each charka with a similar sequence but tailored to the specific energy center.
Here we are tuning in and tuning up our Muladhara Charka (Root chakra).
We’ll move through our warm up more centered while getting some ab & glute work in too.
Activate the Niyama of Sanotsha (contentment). Using Warrior II, Parsvakonasana (Side Angle), Ab series and Teaser.
Work our whole body with a focus on creating mobility and freedom in our spine.
Noticing our judgments with challenging poses mimicking challenging moments in life.
A class that incorporates physical and emotional strength.
A little more Pilates for this, but we’ll get our Yoga in too.

Your intention will set your path. Join the movement that is key to unlocking your gift.