There are so many ways to meditate. It is important especially at this time of busy living to take a moment and just sit and be. Here there will be an offering of meditations of different lengths to suit your needs and goals from simple breathing, mindfulness, to kriya (purification) techniques to help establish a connection to universal wisdom. You pick when, you pick how long, you pick your key. Unlock your barriers, quiet your mind, and choose to make stillness a priority. Live inspired. Shanti Shanti Shanthi (Peace with your self, Peace with others, and Peace with the universal forces).

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Allow yourself to sit and observe your breath, Apa Japa.
We will practice drawing anything that is standing in our way. We will use the Sat Yam Kriya to accompany us.
Let’s clear out any emotions we are aware of from our heart center.
A little pre meditative asana is included here before we get into Nadi Shodana.
Bring to recollection a moment that brought us joy and saturate ourselves in the feeling.
A little pre meditative asana, twisting, side stretching, and dolphin or headstand.
We will do alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Shodana), to draw our awareness inward before delving into Ham Sa.
To just slip into a busy day.
When you need a moment to come back to yourself and quiet the outside world.

Your intention will set your path. Join the movement that is key to unlocking your gift.