Concentration. Control. Precision. Breath. Flow. These are the six principles of Pilates as created by Joseph Pilates that enables every individual to connect to their body and movement efficiently. With a focus on moving the spine in all its directions and strength through the primary and secondary powerhouses, one gains access to their full facility and the ability to enhance and or sustain its strength and mobility. Different schools may focus on different orders and teaching styles but the foundation of Pilates runs the same. Be strong and live enjoying the body you inhabit as you inhabit it fully. Your key is in the way you move. Power to you.


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Working our arms with push ups in kneeling plank.
Working our core connection, stability and spinal mobility.
PLANKS! We won’t forget the rest of the body though, I promise.
Focusing on strengthening our spine and increasing its mobility.
Burn out some of that extra relationship bliss tension.
In this Starter level class we are focusing on our breath!
We go through the beginner classical mat order as I learned it at Core Pilates NYC.
We go through the Intermediate classical mat order as I learned it at Core Pilates NYC.
We go through the advanced classical mat order as I learned it at Core Pilates NYC.
We focus on alignment to help us strengthen and find stability.
Enhancing your core strength while we work our whole body.
Moving a little quicker, building upon Stable Base.
We will use the beginner classical mat order as a framework.
A touch of booty work, while still working on core strength.
Working on core strength while we gain more access to our body in space.
Getting started with our shoulder bridges, firing up the glutes, ab work and forearm planks.
Focus on upper body rotation without losing our connection to our core.
We will go through a full body workout with a little extra oomph with hand weights.

Your intention will set your path. Join the movement that is key to unlocking your gift.