Union. A way to truly bring ourselves back to ourselves. There are many layers of Yoga, and each individual can choose which layer they would like to work at or on. Aligning the physical body gives access  to aligning our internal realm. Working through asana (poses) sometimes held and other times fluidly moving through we create freedom, and space for breath to flow and the body to find ease in strength. A gateway is created to align further if you wish, the ability to go into sense withdrawal (Pratyahara). Our Yoga practice guides us to find the ability to sit for our meditations with comfort. Wherever you are, Yoga gives the ability to gain physical, mental, and emotional strength and unite these to create the ultimate union: individual and universal spirit. We all hold our own key to our happiness, fulfillment and harmony, just as true we need the tools to keep that key to continuously unlock the door to our true selves. Namaste.

Goodnight Stretch

  • Class: Yoga
  • Level: All Levels
  • Length: 23:30 mins

Description: It’s all about feeling good here. No standing. We stay down to our mat and get a little movement in and stretch it out as we get ready for bed. Included here are our cat/cows, Downward facing dog, kneeling lunge, plank, sphinx, crocodile, Upavistha Konasana (wide angle forward fold),  Restorative bridge before we take our Savasana. Namaste.

What you need: Mat, blocks, bolster.

**Ankh Body strongly recommends that you consult a physician or alternative therapist before beginning any exercise, wellness or mediation program.

Goodnight Stretch

  • Class: Yoga
  • Level: All Levels
  • Length: 23:30 mins

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This is a great one to do before bed.
Starting with some Surya Bhenda an energizing breathing technique.
We are going after nourishing and soothing ourselves.
Focus on our breath, deepening it and its connection to our movement.
Bring life to our poses through breath and strong set ups.
Keeping it simple in this Starter level practice.
Meeting our anxiety and releasing it through grounding ourselves.
We focus on the second Yoga Sutra today, “Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodaha.”
A focus on balancing our heart (Anahata) chakra.
Move through as we continuously connect back to our roots.
Some trickier transitions and focus on supporting ourselves and grounding.
Yin and Restorative class. We will open up the hips with Half Frog and Dragonfly.
When our spouse/ significant other fuels our fire in the not so hot hot way.
Take a break and replenish. A soft waterfall will come in during each pose.
Getting some mobility into our hips with movement through lunges and some held stretches such as Lizard.

Your intention will set your path. Join the movement that is key to unlocking your gift.