With this class series, the number in title gives you the indication of how long we sit in silence for our meditation, offering the ability to work your way up to a full 18 mins. We will first do some pre meditative asana (movement). This particle meditation helps collect ourselves when we are feeling fragmented, and brings us to a place of feeling more whole. Create alignment within yourself and therefore alignment with your purpose and direction in life.

In this Ankh Body Signature Charka series we are balancing each charka with a similar sequence but tailored to the specific energy center. These chakras have to do with our survival , family, finances. Our desires, likes. and dislikes, intimacy, emotions those things relating to your “Self.” Our ability to lead and see clearly and release vanity, destructive behaviors and criticisms. Our self acceptance and love, empathy and compassion, as well as our close relationships. And more.

In this Goddess mini series, designed to slip in a little rejuvenation whenever you can, Goddess (Supta Baddha Konasana) is our feature. We will do one or two other restorative poses, and end with Goddess. I’ll leave you with a gentle waterfall sound and come back to bring you out. Breathe, relax, nurture, replenish, & enjoy. Namaste

Here, we go through the beginner, Intermediate and advanced classical mat order as I learned it at Core Pilates NYC. This order may vary slightly from school to school but the 6 principles of Pilates remain consistent: Concentration, Control Centering, Precision, Breath and Flow.

The stable series where we focus on alignment to help us strengthen and find stability. We move through our regulars hundred, pilates curl, shoulder bridge, teaser and more. Giving ourselves the freedom to level up or down at any point. Enhancing our core strength while we work our whole body

In this series we begin with one minute holds in: Pilates curl, shoulder bridge, & plank. Geared to building strength and endurance in these postures. And we will build on these sequence by adding a minute each level to each of the three holding positions.